How It Works

Review these steps to enroll in the California library high school program:

How to Get Started

  • 1. Learn About the Program

    Explore this website to learn about the California Career Online High School (COHS) program. If you decide that earning an accredited high school diploma while gaining real-world career skills is the best option for you, take the “Are You Ready?” survey to apply to COHS.

  • 2. Take a Short Online Survey

    Complete a short online “Are You Ready?” survey that asks you about things like your access to a computer, how much time you can dedicate to courses, and your reasons for wanting a high school diploma. If you meet the program requirements, you will be contacted by the California library within 7 business days to discuss the prerequisite course. If not, we will help you find other programs that support your educational and career goals.

  • 3. Complete a Prerequisite Course

    Select a career path and enroll in the prerequisite course. During the prerequisite course, you will:

    • Explore the online learning environment to determine if you are comfortable with it. The prerequisite course must be completed with a 70% or higher and within 2 weeks.
    • Decide whether the program best meets your educational needs, or if alternative options for high school completion are better for you.
    • Determine if the career field is interesting/appealing.
    • Show the library your commitment to furthering your education through the successful completion of the full California COHS program.
  • 4. Learn About Enrollment Opportunities

    Upon completion of the prerequisite course, the library will contact you to schedule an interview and discuss your enrollment into the full program.


  • Scholarship Award Process

    Those who successfully complete the prerequisite course, with a score of 70% or higher within two weeks or less, will be eligible to be considered for a scholarship award.

    Prospective students will be contacted by the library within 7 business days to discuss their application into the program and to schedule an interview at the library.

    Each participating library may have its own process for awarding scholarships. Your library’s process will be explained to you before and during the interview. Please consult your library for more details.  

    Please note: If you are awarded a scholarship, you may request transcripts from any accredited high school you’ve attended in order for Career Online High School to determine whether you will receive credit for any previously completed coursework. Click here for a transcript request form.

Completing Coursework and Graduating

  • 1. Get Started

    You will be paired with an academic coach, who will help you succeed in the program. They’ll help you get started with a welcome kit and phone call, and show you how to log in to your online classroom, which includes:

    • 24/7 access to courses
    • Instant feedback on lessons and exams
    • Online learning resources including eLibrary, calendar, gradebook, and support services
    • Pace guides that help you stay on track by completing one course credit every two weeks
  • 2. Get the Support You Need to Succeed

    • Academic coach is there to support you via phone, email, and text
    • Technical support is available by phone or email
    • Certified instructors provide additional academic support
    • Support staff help you plan for your next career steps
  • 3. Prepare for a Career

    • Career-focused, skills-based elective courses
    • Biweekly online seminars focused on 21st century job skills
    • Monthly career webinars to prepare you for workplace realities and job markets
    • Career portfolio lessons that teach business writing and help you create resumes and cover letters
  • 4. Graduate With

    • High school diploma
    • Career certificate
    • Career portfolio
    • Job preparation training and skills

Take a short online survey to see if Career Online High School is right for you: